Advertising on Social Media Worth it or Not

Advertising on Social Media Worth it or Not?

This is a highly debated topic and the reason for that is that it’s very easy to throw a lot of money away on advertisements on Facebook and such.

One of the reasons for that is that bots are dominating those places. It’s a never-ending battle between the developers of both sides. Each time when Instagram makes an update to kill bots the Instagram bot developers come up with something new to sustain their business.

At Facebook, it’s already so bad that you have to mix and match at least three interests to reach the people you want to reach, throw in a few more western locations as well or you are guaranteed to only get engagement from botting accounts.

I tried this myself some time ago, because this hyper targetting gets more expensive the more filters you add, and before I know it I was paying upwards of $2/click for people that are interested in SEO, interested in one of the influencers in that niche, and interested in Yoast (which is an SEO plugin in case you didn’t know).

Then I thought to be smart by selecting countries like Greece, Portugal, Eastern Europe and so on. All I wanted was some engagement as I already understood that people from these regions work with smaller budgets but that wasn’t really a problem as I offer a budget service.

What I didn’t know is that the creators of those bots operate in those countries as well. Yes, I did get likes for just a few cents each, and sometimes even less, but when I posted something my reach was so small and the engagement was zero while I did already spend hundreds of dollars on this nonsense.

So is advertising on social media worth it?

In my opinion not really because the problem is that once they see your post and click like or follow on your page its not so easy to reach them next time, that money could be much better spend on getting those clickers directly to your website so that you can capture their email address and take it from there.

Sure the cost per click is higher but if you have to target the same person eight times on Instagram or Facebook and pay eight times then paying just twice the price (but only one time) is a lot more affordable.

So unless you sell an expensive product don’t even think about using social media to advertise your service as your broke before you know it.