Choosing the Right Oil For Your Car

Choosing the Right Oil For Your Car

There is a wide selection of car oils, and these all serve different purposes. Thus, anyone new to cars would find the selection confusing. The following advice should assist you in selecting the correct type of oil:

Premium Conventional Oil

This oil is the modern gold-standard which all leading brands have for service level SL, and it is available in a wide range of viscosities. For lower temperatures, carmakers specify the general 5W-20 or 5W-30 oils. As for higher temperatures, there is the optional 10W-30 oil. Anyway, these three ratings are useful for light-duty vehicles.

As a side note, you need to change the oil and filter regularly, around every 4,000 miles or 4 months. Each year, you should at least replace them twice. Also, do not exceed the warnings of electronic oil-change indicators, if you have one anyway. As for oil leaks, you should leave the work to a professional to fix them. Have a look at repair for Mercedeses as they offer high-quality services. 

Full Synthetic Oil

For high-performance engines, the full synthetic oil satisfies these beasts. Furthermore, these oils undergo even more tests, which means they are superior in performance as well as longer-lasting. Also, these tend to flow better at low-temperature environments and have no issues with lubricity when it is hot. However, it has disadvantages such as expenses and incompatibility with other car engines. 

Synthetic Blend Oil

For pickups and SUVs who require the high-load protection, the synthetic blend oil gets the job done. As their name suggests, these mix synthetic and organic oils, providing protection for heavier loads and high temperatures. Also, these are less volatile, or they evaporate less. Thus, synthetic blend oil improves fuel economy by reducing the oil loss. Lastly, this type of oil is far less expensive than the full synthetics. 

Higher Mileage Oil

For anyone who wants to go further beyond, the higher mileage oil is the motor oil of choice. Pair these up with long-lasting vehicles, and you can go as far as the six digits. Anyway, there are those who enjoy driving aimlessly, and that is where oil refiners found the idea to create this oil. 


Choosing your car oil can be quite the hassle, but this guide can point you towards the right direction. For light vehicles, you can never go with premium conventional oil, but you can opt for full synthetics for high-tech engines. If you want a less expensive alternative, a synthetic blend is worth the bang for your buck. Lastly, if you habitually do joy rides, a higher mileage oil can help you get farther.