Importance of Play for Kids & Teenagers

Importance of Play for Kids and Teenagers

If you are parenting a child or a teen, you probably take him out for tournaments, meets, games, concerts and the like. You are on the right track because it is crucial for children in these age-groups to have a lot of play time. The bad news is that growth and development experts agree that playtime for these children has plummeted over the decades due to the digital age. This is why today we wish to remind you of what you deny your kids and teenage children by cutting down on playtime. Here are benefits of playtime for your child or teen.

It Stimulates Proper Brain Development

More than 70 percent of brain development happens from the time the baby is born till the early twenties. When your child plays, he stimulates the brain to make connections between the different nerve cells. This period is what makes your child develop his motor skills including running, walking, and coordination. It is also during playtime that your child develops fine motor skills including handwork, manipulating tools and more.

As your kid gets into his teenage years, playtime helps him develop more nerve connectivity in the frontal lobe. This area of the brain is essential in planning and making the right decisions.

Playtime Helps Your Child Grow Socially

Playtime, whether your kid is doing it with his brother or sister helps him to grow socially. The interaction that the kid has brings the kid or teen out of his shell so that he can gain the confidence to interact better. This is especially important for a kid who is self-conscious about her look or any other behavior. Being around his peers helps your kid to gain self-confidence, this is vital later in life.

Brings Out the Creativity in Your Children

When they play, children get a chance to become creative later in life. Using the right toys stimulates these kids to use their imagination in solving issues that arise. Read more to know some of the toys that you can get for your child or teen. Your kid will discover new solutions to problems and other innovative ways to make things easier.

Refines Leadership Skills

Competitiveness in any game makes it easy to build leadership skills. Your kid gets to learn how to work with others and when to compete. He learns the proper coordination skills and how to maintain a competitive spirit. Your child gets to learn about his individuality and when to place the interest of the team as a priority when necessary.

Injects Fun in Their Lives

There is nothing children and teens look forward to than as the chance to have fun. Playtime gives your kids this opportunity. The fun comes in the form of competing with peers, coming up with new challenges and laughing it out when something funny happens during playtime. At the end of the day, your kid will be happy and relaxed, looking forward to the next play session.

It Builds Long-Lasting Friendships

It is true that many of the friendships that you have at the moment were forged on the playground. Your child will be able to forge lasting relationships and friendships with his peers, friendships that he will dote on and build upon over the years. The best thing is that as they interact, your kid will share his secrets and fears with the friends, an act that forms strong bonds that last a lifetime.

Learn About Time Management

Children in these age groups are attending school, which means they have to balance between school and playtime. With the right toys to play with, your child or teen will take time to know that they don’t have to be on the playground all the time – they also need to catch up with school tasks and assignments. This way, he gets to be productive in school while enjoying the benefits of playtime.

Final Thoughts

Playtime isn’t just for preschoolers; it is also important for teenagers as well. Playtime not only fosters long-lasting relationships, but it also boosts problem-solving ability, perseverance, independence and creative thinking. It also helps to grow your child’s brain, making it a vital period in life. However, you need to get the right toy depending on the age of the child to help them enjoy the various benefits.