An Introvert’s Guide to the Things You Can Do on Your Vacation Days

So you have the weekend off. And you want to make the most out of it.

Because you’re an introvert, a brilliant way to go about this is to make a plan. You’re the type of person who excels at mostly everything as long as you have a blueprint to follow.

So make a plan and follow through. Here’s a guide that will help you out.

Create a List

First of all, create a list. Your brain will love it!

A list of what, you ask? Of the things that you have always wanted to do!

Because you’re away from work, you have a chance to attend to some tasks – and you can do so without any disturbance.

Have Enough Snacks and Drinks (Or Even Lots of Them)

Most people’s way of unwinding is to eat, drink, and be merry. And you should follow their lead, too!

Your choice of snacks and drinks is totally up to you. Go with the foods that make you feel comfortable.

Like what some people do, they load up on junk such as potato chips, pizza, burgers, and soda. This route is fun but it’s rather an unhealthy option. But if you can watch yourself and promise that snacking on these foods won’t become a daily habit, you’re all good.

You may also go with the healthy way. You can fix yourself some salad, buy oranges, apples, and grapes, and pour yourself a drink of cranberry juice.

The good news is there are still more ideas out there!

Binge-Watch Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows

If you’ve always been a couch potato, you will love this one.

Make a list of your favorite movies. Then sit in front of your TV, plug them in, and press play! Basically, once you have your media, your only job from this point on is to sit back and relax.

It’s also a good idea to catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows. For example, you’re into the lives of Meredith and her friends on Grey’s Anatomy. It’s already past the 15th season, you know.

If you’re in the mood for some comedy anime, go ahead. That could work, too. Here’s a list from AnimeWhiz that you might want to check out!


And because you’re an introvert, your definition of fun might be different. Even if you try, you probably won’t have fun if your friend invited you to “the best party ever”.

Your preferences may be different. But don’t ever feel bad about it. There are surprising benefits to being an introvert, after all!