Why you Should Live Without a Car

Life without a ride can be very liberating. Seriously! In fact, the Union of Concerned Scientists notes that one of the ways your life can impact the environment positively is driving less. What follows is a rundown of four reasons not owning a car isn’t such a big deal.

A Car is Ridiculously Expensive

The truth is, a vehicle is one of the lousiest investments you can make. Even more disturbing is the fact that you’re likely to pay more for your dream car next year than you would now. Plus, statistics indicate that the average annual cost for a mid-sized auto is about nine thousand bucks. The figure is even higher for SUVs. And then there is the maintenance cost that may run into thousands of pounds every year. Think for a sec about what you could accomplish with all the extra cash.

You Can Always Get a Cab at the Press of a Button

Gone are the days when you had to spend hours waiting for a taxi to pick you up from the airport, home, workplace and so on. Nowadays getting a taxi is as easy as making a call. Some companies have free apps downloadable straight to your smartphone phone so you can see the nearest, available car. On that note, be sure to visit Whiteside to sample what one the best and older taxi operators in England has to offer and how you can book online.

Walking is Good for Your Health

You don’t have to drive to your local grocery store. Besides, sitting in traffic for hours can stress you out. Consider walking (or biking) for short errands. That way, you will keep your physical and mental health at its best. It can also be a great way to skip the gym.

Public Transport Isn’t that Bad

Want to take a quick nap? Need to catch up on some book or browse the internet as you travel?  Well, you can’t do any of these tasks in your car, unless you’re not the one behind the wheel. Your best bet is using public transport such as a subway, a bus or a carpool. That way, you can have some time to read a few chapters, pray, snooze, pay your bills or have a look at the beautiful scenery outside.
See? Not owning a car inst a bad idea after all! Is it?