Retro and vintage: what is the difference?

Vintage and retro are words, which are very famous. Those two words both describe two different era that had a lot of similar and different at the same time. Also this two words means a certain types of a styles.  A basic difference between the concepts “retro” and “vintage” is not of “significance” or “functional purpose” (if it is possible to call it so). It is possible to add all ancient and outdated objects to the retro checklist. You may create another checklist of them for yourself, but generally, an idea would not change.  When we talk about vintage – it is only outstanding things of last years (and that, only those, which are used again).

The modern fashion uses details and the ideas of last decades more and more, in varying degree vintage elements appear on podiums of fashionable displays. Really, the fashion is cyclic, and these currents find the embodiment in interior design repeatedly. Both of these styles represent the reflection of the past; therefore, they are often confused.

However, here is where similarities end. Further, you will find only differences between this twp styles.

Vintage style has arisen at the beginning of the last century. It is possible to tell that it represents a pre-war era. It is very close to classicism because it was created as its continuation so a lot of elements adopted from it.

The retro style occurred after World War and became a peculiar protest against similarity and dullness in the early fifties of the last century. People aspired to deliberately bright and positive to erase horrors of war from memory.

The vintage gravitates a quiet color scale, pastel, and gray shades. In addition, you can meet bright interpretations of a vintage, but even such colors look muffled as if dusty.

On the contrary, it is difficult to call retro style faded. There are bright accents and difficult geometrical ornaments. Usually, even pieces of furniture are chosen in contrast colors and different shades of a tree. Such room looked more cheerful.

Materials and furniture.

The vintage welcomes the use of graceful period furniture and natural materials. Skillful stylizations in a parquet, doors, and furniture undergo the procedure of aging. The natural wood and shod metal are used actively. On a ceiling and decorative elements, it is possible to meet a stucco molding.

In retro style for the first time began to use plastic in an interior so here it will be pertinent. Wooden elements can be made of chipboard. The main feature is polishing and a varnished surface. Furniture has to have simple and accurate outlines, characteristic of the 50-70th years, and stand on high wooden or metal legs.  However, it can be made quite recently.