How to Succeed on Instagram as a Business

Marketing on social media has become the mainstay of most businesses today. With a wide range of social media platforms and the increased reliance by customers on social media and other online platforms to shop, businesses have an opportunity to get highly-targeted advertising to their target audience.

Compared to other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, Instagram offers a more engaged audience and relatively lower competition. However, for varying reasons, there are still businesses out there that are yet to take advantage of marketing opportunities offered by Instagram. Whether it’s as a result of lack of know-how or not knowing where to begin, marketing on Instagram is not as daunting as some people may think. This article highlights ways in which businesses can succeed with Instagram.

Create an account

First and foremost, you need to have in place an Instagram account. If you are new to Instagram, create a name that is easy to remember so as to make it easy for people when searching for your account. However, the name should be closely related to your brand name so that your account can be easily associated with the brand you intend to promote.

Find your own style

Build your account around something, either a certain niche, a unique theme, or other demographic variables. Be creative and come up with a distinctive style for your profile such as the frequency or timing of your posts, the type of images you post, or even the captions you include on your photos. All these factors tend to define your brand. Once you have established your style, be consistent with it so as to create brand awareness. A unique style that is consistent has the natural ability to appeal to the target audience.

Influencer Marketing

This entails paying other Instagram accounts with a large following to promote your brand, usually as a sponsored post. If done in the right manner, it can generate high returns on investment. However, you must find an account that fits the bill as an influencer.

There are numerous accounts on Instagram with a large following but with little activity and engagement. Such a following is borne out of third-party growth services such as MegaFollow. You can visit Spire to learn more about MegaFollow and other Instagram engagement services. Such an account does not qualify because it lacks authenticity and the required engagement levels.

Look for an influencer account that is in line with your brand or the products you want to promote. The best influencers share an audience that is relevant to your marketing campaign.